1. How can I feel more comfortable about going to counseling?
    • We want you to understand that there is refuge here. We promote strict confidentiality in our practice, in our records, and in our counseling. Appointments are made through our private phone service. We do not contact any outside agencies without your complete permission and awareness. We want clients to feel acceptance and love here, so that they may turn their stumbling blocks into stepping stones and they may then, in turn, help others.
  2. What Are The Areas That We Consider To Be Our Focus?
    • Strengthening families, step families, and adoptive families
    • Supporting marriage
    • Equipping engaged/newlywed couples for marital obstacles
    • Preventing divorce
    • Promoting family-centered and productive youth
    • Assisting single parents
    • Comforting those mourning over a loss
    • Providing parent and grandparent education
    • Reaching out to the divorced or separated
    • Facilitating recovery from rape, eating disorders, and abuse
    • Encouraging those going through transitions
    • Affirming individuals who are single
  3. Why would I go to a Christian counseling center?
    • At LCC, there is someone who will listen, whatever your situation. As trained counselors, we have experience in other settings. However, we have joined LCC because we take seriously our obligation as Christians to carry one another’s burdens. We feel a deep compassion for people who are struggling and we want to respond to them in love without being judgmental. We are led to use our talents and gifts to help others who are in need to become their best. We challenge people to set clear standards for themselves, to guide their lives and their families in an era of value confusion. We believe in healing and growing, no matter how broken and distressed your circumstances appear. Whatever your religious affiliation, race, or nationality, LCC wants you to feel welcome. We will ask you about your spiritual needs and will comply completely with your desires.
  4. How do I make an appointment? What should I bring with me?
    • LCC is presently open by appointment only. All sessions are 45-60 minutes each. Please call 803.808.5222 ext. 3 to contact our Intake Counselor. Leave your name, contact information and the best time you can be reached. Please allow 24 hours for a return phone call. You may also click the following link for a copy of the LCC intake paperwork. You may fill this out and bring it with you to your first appointment. In addition, please bring your insurance/EAP authorization at the time of your appointment.
  5. Who are your counselors?
    • Check out our staff page to learn more about our counselors.
  6. How do I get to the counseling center?