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We aren't the Healer but we try to reflect His Heart in giving our love.
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My name is Autumn and I am Summer's litter mate brother. I am a little more hesitant to jump in your lap, but I still love big people and little ones. I am very secure and often roll over to get my belly rubbed.


On November 7th, my litter mate and sister Summer’s heart gave out. We had never been apart in over 9 ½ years…I’m not exactly sure how to be the “Only Dog” now.

You see, Summer was the princess. People often called her the “Dive Dog”. Every day she told me where to go and what to do, and best of all, she took great care of me. She always made sure my face was clean and my eyes weren’t teary… I do a pretty good job of cleaning the rest of me. Summer was the best therapy dog mate. She did a lot of counseling with mom and made sure people were always comforted. Who knew belly rubs were so therapeutic? She was Daddy’s Little Girl and absolutely loved driving the pontoon with him. Mom always took great care of her, and dad held her for hours and hours. Even though she was always the one who got to sit in dad’s lap or was up on his arm driving in the truck. I’m so happy that she was always so well loved.

Because she was the best, I wanted to share some lessons I learned from her in our years together:

  1. Always approach people first and they will respond (i.e., instant pets and snuggles)
  2. Make eye contact, and people will feel welcomed and connected
  3. Be bold in your requests (when you want a belly rub, just roll over, they’ll get the hint)
  4. Trust God to catch you and surrender (perching on the back of the couch isn’t for the faint of heart)
  5. Sleep when you are tired (naps are best taken snuggled up to someone you love)
  6. Love up on people in your own, personal style and they will love you for it (Summer even licked bald men’s heads... yuck!!
  7. Never give up (treats always get given eventually and squirrels always come back around)

So, I loved her my whole life and with my whole heart and I always will. Even though she’s gone to where all loved animals go, she will always be with each of us in her own Diva Summer way. And I know, God’s got her – fully whole and healed.

With licks and kisses,

Brother Autumn